Terra Award

The Research unit LABEX AE&CC-Lab CRAterre-ENSAG, the amàco project, the Grands Ateliers, the CRAterre association and EcologiK/EK magazine took the initiative under the auspices of the UNESCO Chair « Earthen architecture, construction cultures and sustainable development » and as part of the TERRA 2016 World Congress, to launch the TERRA Award, first international prize for earthen contemporary architectures.

The purpose of the TERRA Award is to identify and distinguish outstanding projects, but also to highlight both the courage of the project owners who have chosen earth, the creativity of the designers and the skills of the craftsmen and the entrepreneurs.

A travelling exhibition will feature 40 buildings from all continents, made with different techniques (adobe, cob, CEB, rammed earth, plasters, etc.) for all types of programs : housing, public facilities, activities, exterior and interior designs. This exhibition will be accompanied by lectures and workshops by CRAterre-ENSAG and the amàco project.

The search for exemplary achievements to nourish this prize and the associated exhibition will create the first database on earthen contemporary architecture. This virtual library will be available to general public and professionals through the website: www.terra-award.org

All documents will be published in three languages : French, Spanish and English.


In order for the TERRA Award to become a reality, it needs many godfathers and godmothers. Institutions, companies, professionals, students … you can participate in several ways:

– by reporting  interesting  earthen contemporary  projects ;

– by relaying information  about the call for applications, the results of the prize and the exhibition dates (media, web sites, social networks, word-of-mouth, etc.) ;

– by writing , for the inventory of earthen contemporary architecture, one or more files  describing a project upon the model developed by the Atelier TERRA (see the attached file) ;

– by providing a space  for the exhibition and organizing its presentation ;

– by participating to the funding  of the prize, exhibition, catalogue, videos and database, according to the ways and means that will be specified at a later date.

If you want to become a TERRA Award  partner, the members of the Atelier TERRA will be glad to receive your messages at : atelier@terra-award.org


– Submission file

– Submission document

– Example submission document

– Call for proposals

– Presentation of the TERRA Award