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Congreso XII-CIATTI-2015

Triptico XII CIATTI 2015-1

Triptico XII CIATTI 2015-2

Paralelamente, coincidiendo con la celebración del Congreso, se realizarán una serie de actividades relacionadas con la construcción con tierra:

– II Feria INNOVA+TIERRA, (días 26 y 27 de septiembre) Orientada a fomentar la visibilidad de la construcción con tierra: productos, herramientas, materiales, acabados, soluciones y proyectos de interés tendrán cabida en ella.

– III Taller de Rehabilitación del Patrimonio Construido en Tierra, (días 17,18,19; taller 1 / días 22,23,24; taller 2)

Interesantes talleres prácticos de construcción con tierra. Taller 1;Técnicas de construcción y restauración/ Taller 2; Revocas de tierra, trulla.

– Taller de Fotografía; Arquitectura de Tierra (día 15 de septiembre)

– Ruta de la Tierra (día 20 de septiembre) Ruta cultural en torna a Tierra de Campos y su arquitectura vernácula

Social Urban Regeneration Postgraduate Program at Fundació Enric Miralles


The postgraduate program ëSocial Urban Regenerationí, will begin next October 8th, and includes Richard Rogers and Jean Nouvel as guest lecturers.

The postgraduate program is accredited by the Polytechnic University (UPC). Students will develop a real case study project on a social urban scale and specific urban

How should the new cities be? The global economic crisis has awarded an unusual prominence to some emerging countries that now need to change the appearance of their cities, if not directly to create it. On the other hand, cities like Paris, Barcelona and Naples constantly renew their great historical centers, or redefine their boundaries. How should these new cities be? Does it make sense to build a new New York in China? What new necessities reveal the renovation of historic cities?
This postgraduate program will provide students the tools to create a social urban project from beginning to end in 10 weeks. Based on Enric Mirallesí architectural way of thinking through his methods and practice at EMBT, students will specialize in an integrated, contemporary and sustainable urban planning. They will create proposals to develop a project in «2017 Grand Paris Clichy-Montferneil Suburbs of Paris» integrating theory and practice of planning and creative design aspects.
Main Postgraduate professors leaders are Benedetta Tagliabue, EMBT (Enric Miralles Benedetta Tagliabue) study director, and Josep Maria Rovira, professor of the School of Architecture of Barcelona (ETSAB) and will assist as visiting professors, among others, Richard Rogers, Jean Nouvel, Salvador Rueda (BCN Ecologia Urbana), Santiago Cirugeda among others.
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