El Futuro de las arquitecturas vernáculas y de tierra

Porto, 15 y 16 de junio 2023

Which future for vernacular architecture & earthen architecture?

On the last years, vernacular architecture and earthen architecture have faced multiple challenges worldwide, which have threaten their survival. In several regions, intangible knowledge is disappearing fast, in part due to the fact there is less people keeping the building culture and its know-how alive. 

To discuss the future of vernacular architecture and earthen architecture, we are inviting interested professionals and researchers to meet in Porto, on June 15 & 16, 2023. 

The event will be structured in three sessions with debates and a round-table. The International Seminar on Vernacular and Earthen Architecture will be dedicated to vernacular documentation, World Heritage, intangible knowledge, knowledge transfer, climate action, adaptation, and a final round-table discussion with input from participations. The key-purpose of the round-table will be to establish ways forward, on how to keep vernacular and earthen architecture alive.

A publication with the paper’s proceedings, and the round-table notes, will be published in 2023.

International Seminar & Round-Table on: 

Which future for vernacular architecture & earthen architecture?

Session 1: Preserving the Past

Vernacular documentation & World Heritage

Session 2: Valuing the Present

Intangible knowledge & knowledge transfer

Session 3: Preparing for the Future

Climate action & adaptation

Round-Table: Which future for vernacular architecture & earthen architecture?


DAMG-UPT | Department of Architecture & Multimedia Gallaecia at Portucalense University

CIAUD-UPT | Research Centre in Architecture, Urbanism & Design at Portucalense University



VERSUS+ | Heritage for People 

UNESCO Chair on earthen architecture, building cultures, & sustainable development.


UPV, Spain; UNIFI, Italy; UNICA, Italy; CRAterre-ENSAG, France.

Important information:

– Interested speakers should send an email to: ciaud-upt@upt.pt (no later than: May 15).

– The email should include: session title; paper title; authors; affiliation (institution, & country), and short abstract (max. 200 words). 

– Organisers will respond: in the following three days, informing about the acceptance (or not) of the abstract.

– If the abstract is accepted: speakers will present their communication in Porto, on June 15 & 16.

– Speakers should submit: A 4 to 6 page paper by July 7, 2023. Further instructions will be sent, following the acceptance of the abstract.

Several experts already confirmed their participation, so all the interested speakers should send an abstract, as soon as possible.