Arquitectura contemporánea y materiales actuales

Los días 19 y 20 de Mayo, tendrá lugar en la ciudad de Chania (La Canea) Creta un ciclo de conferencias y exhibición de carteles sobre Arquitectura contemporánea y materiales actuales.


Technical University of Crete _ Dept. of Architectural Engineering PILIKO team Centre of Mediterranean Architecture

Contemporary Architecture & Natural Materials

Applications in the world

Chania, 19 – 20

May 2018

The non-profit organization PILIKO in collaboration with the Technical University of Crete – Dpt of Architecture invites you to participate in the Third Symposium on Contemporary Architecture & Natural Materials that will be held at the Centre of Mediterranean Architecture (C.M.A.)

The two-day lectures focus on international architecture with natural materials (clay, straw, reed, hemp, wood, etc.), looking at it from its technical and aesthetic aspect.

The lectures will cover the following topics:

Form: Contemporary forms of expression of Architecture with natural materials.

Cities: Prospects of building with natural materials within the urban context.

DIY: Methods of building with the participation of the actual users of the structures.

Locality: Forms of expression with natural materials (materials, techniques, aesthetics) in relation to the climate and cultural particularities of a place.

– Restoration: Methods and techniques of intervention in traditional and historic clay buildings.

Should you wish to participate, you are kindly requested to send us by e-mail the title and summary of your presentation (up to 300 words) as well as a short cv (up to 50 words),by the 10th April the latest in order to include them in the printed program of the symposium.

You are also kindly requested to supply the full text (including the pictures) of your presentation by the symposium opening day, in order for it to be included in the symposium proceedings.

Your lecture shall not exceed 30 min in duration.

An exhibition presenting completed works related to the symposium’s topics will be held within the C.M.A. premises from Saturday the 19 th May till Saturday the 26th of May 2018.

For additional information please contact:



mobile: +30-678177069 (Apostolos Mousourakis )

mobile: +30- 6949523896 (Giorgos Igglezakis)


Dr. Alexandros Vazakas, lecturer

Dpt of Architecture – Technical University of Crete


mobile: +30-6944351164